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15 November 2016


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Italian fashion house Furla chooses Yourcegid Retail Y2

The Italian company Furla well-known in the fashion world for its creative approach and high quality of products has chosen Yourcegid Retail wishing more successfully manage its retail trade processes and provide the customers the unique experience of purchases, continuing to develop its activities on the world markets including those in other continents.

The project started in Europe covering more than 340 shops where Yourcegid Retail Y2, a software innovation of Cegid for all-channel trade, is used. It enables to improve management of all sales channels, study customer demand more deeply and extensively, centralize control and improve transparency of business processes solving all these problems as a whole.

Innovative software is a leader of the world market

Seeking to support explosive growth of its activities in the markets of different countries which vary widely from one another, Furla faced the need to centralize its retail and merchandising activities. To do this, it is necessary, on the one hand, to have a uniform centralized database, and on the other hand, a opportunity to monitor closely task execution at the local level (shop management, customer loyalty programs, local taxation, etc.). Furla needed a reliable and prospective partner who worked at the high international level of technology development and could offer innovative software for retail, with global coverage of all related tasks. Studying a range of offers on the software market, Furla chose Yourcegid Retail Y2, the software for all-channel retail trade, using which a retailer can manage all its business dimensions and relations with customers on a real-time basis and through multiple channels, which is a priority for present-day retail customers. The project covers two main business dimensions: shop management and loyalty programs.

"In the retail market of fashion goods with premium class service, understanding of customer inquiries and maintenance of relations with them is a priority. Use of the system enabling to manage our shops all over the world from a single center, considering all local peculiarities and requirements, made it possible to increase considerably comfort of the purchase process in our shops. And it meets our purpose - to provide customers service at a very high level which has no parallel in the world," says Eraldo Poletto, President and General Director of Furla. 

First of all, it became possible due to a centralized database built on the basis of cloud technologies. It is a reliable source of accurate and real time data on sales, stocks, and customer behavior. Secondly, the most important role is played by the clienteling policy which enables to improve quality and provide support of the company's future strategic decisions.

Added value and profit

"To provide on a real-time basis the exchange process for the data on stocks and sales, notwithstanding the place in the world where our customer is situated, it is necessary to have four servers located in different regions of the world. Due to Yourcegid Retail Y2 we can manage all sales channels (shops, franchisee, trade outlets) using the uniform system and provide complex service to our customers," says Eraldo Poletto.

Thus, Furla acquired reliable support for its activities. The software provided to the company perfectly conforms with its specificity and tasks on shop management, maintenance of relations with customers, merchandising and stock control. It is based on cloud technologies, which enables to use to maximum effect its infrastructure, with permanent connection through the centralized servers and, therefore, considerably reduce expenses for hardware and maintenance. Another absolute advantage of Yourcegid Retail Y2 is its localization in every country (including language, taxation rules, credit card payments, etc.) which enables to monitor and comply with all country and regional norms and regulations.


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