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10 April 2015


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Common project with Itella in Russia: success story

This logistics project is one of the most significant in our portfolio . Its main goal was to service the IT infrastructure of Itella company, including:

  1. infrastructure monitoring;
  2. operating and engineering support of servers, databases, storage systems and virtual infrastructure;
  3. end-user first line support (Service Desk);
  4. support configuration and revision of WMS information systems.

To achieve these goals the team of ICL Services provides continuous operation of the customer’s infrastructure components, performing both routine infrastructure maintenance and quickly solving any issues. The project also included design work aimed at improving the stability of information systems.

As a result of cooperation with ICL Services Itella has received quality service in accordance with the SLA. Average time of classification and routing of calls decreased from 7 hours to 30 minutes. And Service Desk running in 24×7 mode completely covers 35% of all calls on the first line.

A team of experts has implemented solutions that allow monitoring Wintel and Unix servers in the absence of a unified monitoring system in the Itella company’s infrastructure. At the same time experts suggested and implemented certain infrastructure changes. In addition, our experts managed to build a process approach for change management and optimize the interaction between teams involved in the provision of services to Itella.

The project experience revealed that Itella successfully maintains and develops its own IT direction in Russia. It provides effective company governance structure and promotes comfortable and smooth operation due to well-organized support of IT systems. In general, cooperation of Itella with ICL Services in Russia not only increased the competitiveness of the logistics company at the market, but also made it more mature. Processes are perfected and optimized; a certain knowledge base has been accumulated. Therefore, Itella has decided to support part of the process on its own, based on the services of ICL Services in the Service Desk and infrastructure maintenance fields.


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