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We’ve got something to offer you

We are building a coordinated and efficient team that can face any challenge and is always ready to perfect its performance. If this style fits you, we are waiting for you!

Unlimited career opportunities

We provide our employees with all possible opportunities for their professional development — technical, foreign language, management — and we clarify what we will need to move on to the next career stage. 

You will know exactly, which qualifications you need to improve, in order to go to the top of the career ladder. When you are professionally growing your position in the company is going up too.

At the moment, there are five areas of expertise supported:

- Data Centre Services: including infrastructure design, consultancy, capacity, implementation, maintenance, Linux / Unix, Network, Wintel technologies, Security operation center team, monitoring
- End Users Services: including  engineers and solution architects who help Fujitsu customers to evolve their workplace to easy-managed, robust and contemporary environment based on industry-leading technologies such as  Microsoft 365, VMware and Citrix.
- Project Management: constantly maturating expertise in Infrastructure, business application, transition&transformation projects, cyber security working according to the  PMP, Agile, Scrum, PRINCE 2, ITIL methodologies.
- Service Delivery: to customers throughout Europe from retail, logistic, banking, air / car industry.
- Multilingual Service Desk: communicating with users 24/7 in English, German, Russian, French and other languages.

Employees are supported to have work-life balance and have a possibility of home office. Also, they have development opportunities within the company, private health insurance, outstanding performance bonuses, organized team buildings and more to come in order to make employees happy. 

  • Assessment of achievements

    We regularly and fairly assess professional achievements of the employees. Your salary, bonuses and possible promotion depend on your good results.

  • Career ladder

    Requirements all positions are standardized and accessible for all employees. If you set a growth goal for yourself and reach it, we’ll encourage you in that!

  • Develop and change yourself

    We have more than 10 scenarios of your career development: vertical, horizontal, cross-functional. You can grow within your project or sphere or you can dramatically switch the scope of your activity.

  • Be active!

    To accelerate your career growth you can try yourself in a quite new role (for example, a manager of an inner project in the company), get experience participating in an interesting for you project as a volunteer, take part in the inner company programmes of professional development.

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