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1 April 2015


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New "Turnkey monitoring" service launch

A number of key business processes directly depend on the condition and quality of IT environment implementation. Even a small failure in the operation of information systems can result in huge losses directly proportional to the downtime. In this regard, the primary role is given to the systems that:

  1. perform proactive monitoring of the state of your IT environment;
  2. promptly notify about emergency situations;
  3. prevent the occurrence of emergency situations.

What is the «Turnkey monitoring» service

«Turnkey monitoring» allows our customers to use an RTU solution customized by ICL Services experts for IT infrastructure monitoring.

This service is a solution based on MS SCOM 2012 deployed in the European data center. The product is fully customized and configured in accordance with the best international practices in the field of IT infrastructure monitoring. The solution includes support services from the team of high profile engineers ready to resolve customer issues at any moment. You can optionally order services of a team that closely monitors the state of IT infrastructure 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Why is this service useful for business

«Turnkey monitoring» allows you to:

  1. save on your own monitoring infrastructure, including the costs of solution hosting, support and implementation;
  2. save on the purchase of necessary licenses for the products used, since a turnkey solution already contains all of them;
  3. reduce the time for implementation of monitoring services to several days through the use of elaborated implementation scenarios;
  4. integrate with existing customer’s IT environments, such as Service Desk products (ITSM solutions.) With this flexibility, the time between the emergence of an emergency situation in the infrastructure and notification of a responsible specialist can be reduced to zero.

Implementation of a monitoring solution

Development and implementation of an own IT infrastructure monitoring solutions is an extremely resource-intensive and complex process. It is necessary to take into account all features of current IT environment, so its condition should be monitored for quite a long time. Such work requires special skills and experience, which greatly increase its cost. Based on years of experience of our experts in accordance with international standards ICL Services offers ready-made scenarios for customer connection and further configuration of the monitoring environment, which allows not only to minimize the expenses of our customers, but also to maximize the functionality of an IT system.

Use the service simply by making the request.


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