ICL Services
  • 100% reduction of time taken to raise an incident if integrated with ITSM solution
  • 24/7/365 platform support
  • 100%reduction of costs of monitoring team service if integrated with ITSM
  • 100%reduction of capital costs of the monitoring system
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This service is for you if:
  • You are interested in minimizing costs due to IT downtime caused by various types of failures
  • You want to reduce the costs of providing your own IT environment monitoring infrastructure, notably staff, support and hosting solutions
  • You’re aim is for maximum functionality at minimum cost
  • You want to have an awareness of your costs and expenditure
  • You prefer to deal with a team of professionals having a vast experience in the creation and maintenance of monitoring solutions at any level and oriented to international standards of quality

The service provides Customers with the ability to have complete information about their IT infrastructure at any moment in time, including the ability to review archive data for any previous point in time.

Service for monitoring of the customer’s IT infrastructure includes:

  • Technical solution for monitoring
  • Services of a team, that can monitor the health of the IT infrastructure 24x7 (optional)
  • Support of the monitoring technical solution by highly qualified experts
  • Customization of the parameters and metrics for the technical solution
  • Endpoints’ licensing in frames of MS SPLA program

To provide the fullest coverage of possible technologies and a high level of service, a solution based on the latest version of Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) is being used as a central element deployed in today’s Data Processing Center (DPC).

The customer’s infrastructure is connected to a monitoring system using secure communications. Possible scenario of services:

  1. direct (immediate) monitoring of IT infrastructure (Element Manager functional - EM)
  2. integration of already deployed monitoring subsystems with a central solution in the DPC (Manager of Managers - MoM)

If a customer does not have its own monitoring system — An excellent solution would be to utilize a «direct» connection to the monitoring solution of ICL Services. In this case the customer does not use its own isolated monitoring system. Instead, on the Customer’s side, intermediate servers (SCOM Gateways) for the transmission of events and statistical data in a consolidated monitoring system will be used. This solution is extremely flexible and allows the customer to pay only for those devices whose status should be monitored.

If a customer has its own monitoring system, but he wants to economize — In the case where the client already has its own monitoring system, there are several possibilities for connecting it to the Single Monitoring environment, using a variety of tools, such as Microsoft Orchestrator etc. In this case, all events are aggregated into a single database and monitoring console (MoM function) and can be treated as a part of the standard monitoring service. With this implementation, the basic settings and data are stored in the customer’s infrastructure, and a single console receives only predefined events and alerts. The benefit of this solution — to reduce the cost of a monitoring team service.

The customer’s ITSM solutions could be optionally integrated with monitoring — In this case, the creation of an incident for a fixed event happens automatically and almost instantly. With this implementation there is no need for a monitoring team, which reduces the cost of service even further.

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— Timur Hayrov

expert in Services for ITSM systems

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