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18 November 2016


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ICL Group acted as a partner of strategic it session of Russian Post

At the beginning of November, an ordinary Strategic IT Session of IT and New Products Unit of FSUE Russian Post took place in the Republic of Tatarstan. This year, the session was held in Russian IT capital — the city of Innopolis.

ICL Group took part in the work of session where the current plans and tasks of development of the IT sector in the post business segment were discussed. Experts of the company addressed the session guests and told them about world-class professional support of IT architecture of large Russian companies. 

"Work at the session was fast moving and of various formats in environment, as well as constructive and fruitful in content. The most important thing is that we had an opportunity to talk to colleagues at round tables and shape professional plans for the future," says Ruslan Vagizov, Chief Operating Officer of ICL Services, commenting the event.

IT session participants discussed the main directions of further development of FSUE Russian Post information technologies, knew about the key projects of the company to be executed next year, took part in solution of essential organizational and technological issues of IT development.

The activity of ICL Group at the event was honored with an official letter of thanks.


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