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14 August 2015


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ICL Services and TMAXSOFT signed partnrship agreement

The ICL Services entered into a partnership agreement with TmaxSoft, one of the market leaders in the production of high-level enterprise databases and web application servers.

Under the agreement our company will be using TmaxSoft solutions in its own projects and carry out joint marketing initiatives for their promotion in the IT market of Russia.

One of the main TmaxSoft products is Tibero, a database management system used by both government agencies and giants of the South Korean market like major banks and IT companies in the region. An important project of Tibero in Russia was its choice as a DBMS for the national system of payment cards (NSPC). The system provides fault tolerance and processing of large data amounts.

«The subject of import substitution is one of the key ones on this year agenda in the IT sector. And customers who seek partial „west substitution“ already turned their attention to Tibero as one of the most mature DBMS on the market, — the head of business services and applications of the ICL Services Dmitry Kashtanov says. — Migration to Tibero takes not much time. There are cases when a company managed to complete migration in just 3 months».

Thus, an easy migration and competitive price of the TmaxSoft solutions will become key factors for Russian customers in their choice of the best solution in the field of database management.

«Professional support becomes more available to the majority of domestic companies, and cooperation with one of the leaders in the eastern region means ability to offer our customers the best solutions and high-quality alternative to the DBMS solutions being already dominant in the market, based on our long-term technical expertise in the field of migration to the server and client OS and database», — the Head of ICL Services Sergey Soloviev said.


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