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12 December 2016


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Experts of ICL services predict transfer to service IT model

What will be with the IT market in 2017? How will it change? Where is it moving? What should customers expect? These questions become a priority in the period of complicated geopolitical situation and high economic risks. Specialists of ICL Services analyzed opinions of international experts and came to the interesting results:

  1. The Russian market of IT services will increasingly focus on the service model of development — XaaS (all as service).
  2. Standard formats of work will reshape towards hybrid models when, being the suppliers of IT services, the companies become customers.
  3. Large vendors reshape their approach to do business extending away from standard formats of work towards IT outsourcing.
  4. Complicated competitive market can provide a good opportunity to develop local IT integrators — due to reduction of IT projects in the public sector, they have to revise their business model and close divisions which do not earn profit.
  5. More and more players on the IT market use the culture of Agile and principles of DevOps for fast development, cost reduction and improvement of corporate flexibility.

"Service approach is one of the trends in line with implementation of ITSM and use of cloud solutions," says Sergey Solovyev, Director of ICL Services. The automation level is constantly growing. Under such conditions, systems and management methods become more complicated and more dynamic, information technologies progress every day creating new paradigms and products".


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