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19 December 2016


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ICL Cloud platform became Technical Innovation of the Year

On December 16, the Awarding ­Ceremony­ for ­the winners­ of the ­Sixth­ Annual ­Award­ Time­ of ­Innovation­ – 2016 ­was ­held in Sochi. The ­award is ­given for the ­best ­practice­ of ­implementation­, ­working­ out­ and ­development­ of ­innovations­ in ­different ­fields.

ICL Services has become one of the award winners for two consecutive years now. This year ICL Cloud Platform has been recognized the winner in the nomination of Technical Innovation of the Year.  

ICL Cloud is a hybrid cloud platform based on advanced technologies of virtualization of computing systems, network, and data storage systems, which allows the user to independently create the required configurations of virtual infrastructure. And the affordable OpenStack and reliable for business VMware vCloud represent an optimal combination of cost and efficiency. A wide variety of information security products, including back-up, secured access through SSL VPN, etc. is available for ICL Cloud users. ICL Cloud reliability is confirmed by STAR certificate issued by Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).

 "Five years ago, most of the projects presented to the competition could be called innovative only by a stretch of imagination, but now many projects impress the expert council by their innovative component, quality of execution and scale of implementation," says ­Elena ­Khomutova­, ­Director ­of the ­Organizing­ Committee­ of the­ Conference­ Innovations­ — to ­­Qualitative­ ­Economic­ ­Growth­­­­­.

"We are happy to see our ICL Cloud Platform among the awarded innovations and thank the jury for a high assessment of our solution, says Alexey Shipov, Manager for Development of ICL Cloud. We have already implemented a number of interesting projects based on ICL Cloud, both for Russian and foreign companies, and we will seek to expand volumes of service provision. I'm sure the innovative cloud platform ICL Cloud will help our customers more efficiently move towards achievement of strategical targets of their business".


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