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3 October 2016


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What business wants or service of future today

Business wants to win. But why do heads of many successful companies often believe that tomorrow will be more or less like today? When time for changes comes, which are usually quite fast-paced, it is important to have necessary technologies, highly qualified professionals at the right moment and to be able to protect own competitive position.

 Those who are open to innovations will win in the market. Innovations are always different, but their goal is to help business in mounting to a new quality level. It can be introduction of a new process into production technology or business reorganization according to Agile methodology. The use of outsourcing in conjunction with a service approach can also be innovative, besides the fact that a provider promotes introduction of innovative solutions and practices into business activities.

 International ratings can be a compass for this problem solution. For example, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) annually forms the Global Outsourcing 100 Rating. IOAP Rating points out the most advanced companies, applying innovations in their services. For example, it can be integration of Lean technology, non-stop monitoring or intelligent automation. The main thing here is that a service provider is becoming a real partner of its customers' business and helps them to be successful and effective.

Service Oriented Approach

According to a study undertaken by itSMF of Russia together with the Information Management scientific and methodological journal, in IT management service oriented approach is most commonly used to improve quality, efficiency and flexibility of IT services, i.e. for the formation of additional or greater value for business. And among important advantages of using service oriented approach in IT management that business sees are ensuring the continuity of business processes and services and IT costs reduction.

The article is continued in Vedomosti Newspaper.


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