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5 February 2016


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Rating of the leading IT support providers published

For the second straight year ICL Services ranks 7th in the rating of major IT support providers in Russia, according to the Cnews Analytics agency. In 2014 the company increased revenue from IT support services by 10% making RUB 3 218 574 thousand (VAT included).

“The rating proves that, rendering high-quality state-of-the-art services, ICL Services holds a leading position among Russian service providers, despite hardships of the unfavorable economic situation,” notes the head of ICL Services Sergey Soloviev. «Various types of companies pursue high performance regardless of the present context. Our unique experience and knowledge put us in a position to offer the market optimum terms of cooperation».

IT services proved to be sustainable in the crisis. Customers are still interested in services that enable to increase operating efficiency and specify high requirements to project quality. According to CNews, most of experts believe that in 2016 the IT sector will be in the black in rouble terms, yet the return rate is expected to drop.

According to Gartner’s report, the world market of IT services in 2015 made USD 914 bn. which is 4,3% lower than in 2014. The decline is largely due to devaluation of several currencies against the dollar.


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