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3 April 2014


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IT Outsourcing: Today and Tomorrow

Major Conference «IT Outsourcing: Today and Tomorrow» has recently finished in Moscow. The participants discussed main problems of the Russian IT outsourcing and ways of its development to create uniform rules for customer service.

Outsourcing is the transfer of non-core services or functions to the professional service provider. In the Russian market such providers are divided into two conditional groups. First — companies that serve large customers with a high turnover, the second — providers working with small and medium-sized businesses and providing simple Ethernet support, system settings, software services, etc.

Today, customers distrust IT outsourcing and only about a third of Russia’s biggest company uses the services of external providers. Indeed, among Russian customers there is an opinion that confidential information may leak out of the company together with outsource services. ICL Services company represented by the Executive Director Ruslan Vagizov shared its accumulated experience with participants. Expert of ICL Services offers customers and performers to appeal to the world practice.

Studies conducted in 2013 show that about 59% of the companies surveyed in the United States and Europe have at least 7 years of using the outsource services and almost 60% of customers believe that outsourcing model is a key element in the achievement of certain business goals. At the same time about 31% of the companies extended their contracts for outsourcing in the past year and almost 55% have expanded the set of services transmitted to third parties. Russian companies should put the same principles associated with the achievement of business goals at the forefront — said Ruslan Vagizov.

Transfer of IT tasks to external companies takes a long time and is a cyclical process. This process includes data collection is started when processes are activated knowledge is generated. In addition companies have to resort to outstaffing i.e. send their own expert in the provider’s staff in order to preserve the necessary knowledge and competencies. Process approach is used at all stages of the outsourcing in risk management. Services are transferred from the simple to complex ones.

According to the portal CNEWS Source.


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