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10 September 2015


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Mobile devices in the service for company

Today mobile devices are turning into a tool to increase productivity, playing an increasingly important role for companies. Variety of available models, platforms and operating systems is continuously increasing. This evolution stimulates development of solutions for mobile devices control, such as Mobile Device Management (MDM). According to forecasts of analytical agencies, in 2019 the average annual growth rate of this market will be around 22.7%.

MDM concept is familiar to many: it helps IT specialists of a company to create and implement cross-platform policies of using of mobile devices. Typically, MDM solutions allow:

  • to manage applications and content;
  • to ensure that the devices comply with the corporate security policies;
  • employees to use data stored in corporate systems on any mobile device anywhere in the world;
  • to protect corporate data in case of loss or theft of mobile devices;
  • to provide remote support by technical specialist.

The service of mobile device management provided by the ICL Services is focused on efficient utilization of mobile devices in corporate environment, ensuring security of transmitted and transferred information, and centralized management of entire stock of different devices and applications. The service helps to reduce support costs and increase the efficiency of employees through using mobile devices away from office. According to Gartner, by 2016 over 60% of employees who use personal devices in the corporate environment will use their applications and social networks for performing job tasks.

Solutions of the MDM category (Mobile Device Management) help to cope at once with a number of problems which arise in connection with distribution of corporate mobile devices:

  1. for IT-services of companies — simplify the process of devices integration into the corporate network;
  2. for security services — ensure safety of their operation, control policies for applications and devices, etc.;
  3. for management — track devices and prevent data theft, monitor and maintain statistics of internal and external resources utilization.

«With the growing variety of applications, content, and data, accessed with a variety of devices, it is vital to implement the Mobile Device Management system, as well as support service by highly skilled engineers so that to optimize efficiency of the company and its employees to a maximum extent», — manager of the workplace infrastructure Victor Myasnikov said.

Implementation of the MDM will give a company a number of advantages such as:

Data security

  • ensuring the corporate security policies for using mobile devices in the work environment;
  • protection of corporate data on mobile devices (encryption, backup, lock and cleaning of devices).

Centralized management

  • centralized control of mobile devices of various manufacturers and models and various mobile operating systems;
  • remote support for mobile users, ability to self-service through personal user account.

Cost optimization

  • support and implementation of the BYOD concept («bring your own device») to reduce costs for purchase of devices;
  • remote and centralized control of mobile devices reduces support costs.

Effective operation

  • quick access to corporate data for higher productivity;
  • increase of the employees efficiency through using mobile devices away of the office.

ICL Services is one of the leaders in providing global services for support and implementation of different systems, including integrated solutions for mobile device management. Auditing of mobile devices used by employees and selecting the MDM-solution that will fully meet the requirements of the company, our engineers will promptly carry out all works on installing and configuring the required systems and applications, train staff to operate them, and provide timely technical support.


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