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Mobile Device Management

  • 20 + specialists in Cloud services and MDM
  • increasing corporate data safety by 57%
  • increasing of operational efficiency and reducing of costs by 46%
  • reducing time for solving problems with mobile devices by 75%
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This service is for you if:
  • You want to optimize the costs of the mobile device support
  • You desire to optimize the performance of your employees
  • You are interested in safety of the information during its transfer and storage
  • It is important for you to use the corporate devices as well as users’ own devices
  • You are interested centralized mobile device management
  • You are interested in prompt update of mobile software
  • You are interested in implementing of ubiquitous mobility

The service is aimed at the productive using of mobile devices in the corporate environment, to ensure the security of transmitted information, as well as centralized management of the different devices and applications in order to reduce support costs and increase the efficiency of employees using mobile devices outside the office.

Service includes following components

Mobile Device Management (MDM):

  • selective wipe and lock device to avoid data lost or security branches
  • centralized management of security policies
  • network profiles management (VPN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth)
  • adding/removing mobile deivce
  • tracking mobile device
  • technical supporting

Mobile Application Management (MAM):

  • management of applications whitelist/blacklist
  • remote installation of applications from whitelist
  • publishing application in corporate portal
  • updating installed applications
  • patching mobile devices
  • blocking access to appilcations stores (AppStore, Google Play, etc.)
  • configuration of corporate email access
  • management of browser policy

Mobile Information Management (MIM):

  • supporting files and documents synchronization (OneDrive, Dropbox, ICLStorage, etc)
  • policies access to corporate resources and files
  • data backuping and encryption
  • monitoring and reporting

Service includes following MDM solutions:

  • VMware AirWatch
  • Fiberlink MaaS 360
  • Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite, Microsoft Intune
  • Citrix XenMobile

We provide complete solution for mobile device management in your company:

  • We will conduct an audit of mobile devices used by your employees
  • Of the variety of existing MDM-solutions we will choose one which will perfectly meet the demands of your company
  • Our engineers will quickly conduct all the activities for installing and configuring the necessary systems and applications, and will train your staff to work with them
  • We will provide you the prompt technical support of the MDM-system

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expert in Mobile Device Management

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