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Key Challenges

During the past year’s economic downturn in the global economy cost management has become top priority for most of companies in the car industry. As a result, the customer aimed to implement a robust plan to enhance the business, with the objective to return to sustainable profitability.

Due to changes in the company’s ownership, it was required to design and build standalone IT environment.

Goals and objectives

  • Given the economic climate and competitive pressure in the car industry the prime objective is to reduce ongoing IT support costs

Implemented our solution

  1. The cost for managing the IT environment was reduced by transferring management functions from Sweden to Russia.
  2. The ICL Services team was at the time of this project more than 70 engineers with good technical skills and many years of experience in supporting Windows services and UNIX, networking equipment, databases and infrastructure services.
  3. A team of experts ensures uninterrupted operation of data centers (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days), and also provides support for network devices, and to constantly improve the service and network infrastructure of the customer.
  4. More than 450 Windows and UNIX, servers plus 150 MS SQL and Oracle databases were installed, and more than 50 servers in 26 national sales companies were migrated to ensure the independent working of the IT infrastructure.

Products and technologies

  • Managed Platform:
    • MS Windows Server 2000\2003\2008R2\2012R
    • Novel SUSE
    • Solaris
    • IBM AIX
    • HPUX
    • Linux RedHat
    • Linux SuSe
  • Managed Database:
    • MS SQL Server
    • SUN Oracle
    • SUN Oracle Dataguard
    • SUN Oracle Transparent Gateway
    • SUN Oracle Real Application Clusters

The Customer is the client of Fujitsu Group, with ICL Services (ICL Group company) providing services to it


  • The project provides a full range of monitoring, operating and engineering functions with on-call service during out of office hours
  • The project "Delta" was completed within agreed timelines which was aimed at building a standalone IT environment
  • The number of supported servers increased by more than 480, databases by 150, clients by 4000 and reached over 1450 servers, 400 databases and 17000 clients
  • New solutions have been implemented, such as the automated deployment of standard configuration build on workstations


Ildar Khusnutdinov
Head of Service Delivery

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