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22 April 2019


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VR and AR technologies that change the world

Virtual and augmented reality technologies create an entirely new model of teaching complex professions, they also help to organise training for people in emergency situations or can give a tour around the historical architectural buildings or museums. This means that you can simulate any situation, including non-standard one, in any professional field without harming human life and expensive equipment. For example, now ICL Services can:

  • conduct a visual safety instruction;
  • simulate the actions of production and industrial processes of any level of complexity: perform blasting operations in mining; dismantling and repair of engines, etc.;
  • create a simulator management of complex and expensive equipment without stopping production and, as a result — without loss of money;
  • to train the necessary skills of new employees without distracting the main staff;
  • create a showroom of apartments at the stage of housing construction;
  • to work out to automatism carrying out of medical operation, without worrying for life of the real patient, interacting only with the virtual one;
  • to study the regulations of chemical experiments and much more.

Now VR stands are used in training and in many areas: industry, energy, construction, etc.

In AR-application, unlike VR-projects, elements of the digital world are added to the real one. In addition, AR-applications are created for iOS, Android, and you can download such an application to your smartphone through the App Store, Google Play and in-house application (for distribution within the company).

We at ICL Services know how to create a virtual learning model to improve the efficiency and security of your business, as well as to save human and material resources.

VR stands for professional skills training are not the future, but the inevitable present.


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