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26 October 2018


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How to find 300 business contacts within a week

It is well known that the successful manager is the one who has lot of business relationships. But how to establish business contacts and where, exactly? Lilia Aleeva, Ph.D. in Economics and Marketing Director at ICL Services, believes that finding potential partners in a short time is an achievable goal.

Simple maths first: 300 business contacts in a week is 60 business contacts on each working day at a five-day week or 7-8 contacts per hour. That is, every 10 minutes of your time you must generate one business contact.

In fact, the task, albeit uncommon, but quite practicable. The first thing you need to be ready at this time is to be open, to be ready to talk with any people at any time — in the shopping line, on the plane, during lunch, when you take your child to kindergarten or school, leave the car at the carwash, i.e. always and everywhere.

  1. To begin with, shake your old business cards and business contacts, contacts of friends and classmates who you didn’t see for a long time, refresh your communications with a kind show of attention. The world does not stand still, people change jobs and rise up acquiring new acquaintances. And this is the most loyal audience to you, which, in the first place, will be ready to respond to your request with a good recommendation.
  2. Refresh your social networks. Complete your profile, upload new photos, specify job, education. And just ask friends and subscribers in social networks to help with contacts in the field you need. In an era of general socialization, people are most responsive to simple and open requests for help, pleased to recommend who to contact on a particular issue. In addition, it is playing in your favor that you can cite the referrer, and therefore you have significantly higher opportunities to transfer a contact from cold to warm.
  3. Social networks now have artificial intelligence and regularly offer you to expand your circle of acquaintances according to the interests indicated on your page and your circle of acquaintances. Take advantage of this feature to get new contacts.
  4. Take part in the dedicated breakfast meeting. In contrast to major events, instead of spending the whole day, you’ll spend an hour at most, combining it with a snack, and a narrow circle of participants will allow you to build business connections more effectively.
  5. Join the professional association. You can significantly expand your business contacts network by becoming part of the existing business community where you can get both by the recommendation or by just submitting an application for membership provided that you meet the criteria for membership in this community. Various councils, clubs and associations, will help you to acquire an ally in the desired area of interest. Ask the community leader to tell about you in a group chat, in e-mail newsletter as of a new member, perhaps combined with an interesting mutually beneficial partnership proposal that you are ready to make to new partners.
  6. Find the people you are interested in by yourself. If you want to communicate and maintain relations with the leaders of your industry — list them, find them on social networks and take the first uncommon step to acquaintance.
  7. Attend actively places of recreation and leisure where business people are present: swimming pools, gyms. Informal contacts in popular places of leisure will always be useful, joint activities bring together.

I hope these tips will be useful to you and will allow you to find new business contacts in an explosive manner. Further work should be done to maintain the quality of these contacts so that they bring real benefits to you and your circle. And to support and develop the ability to build a network of high-quality business contacts, I advise you to read a good book. This is Keith Ferrazzi’s «Never Eat Alone and Other Secrets to Success, One Relationships at a Time».


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