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20 February 2016


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How to effectively support business during the crisis?

According to analysts, the trend to optimize company resources with a tendency to maintain and improve the quality of products and services is still relevant in Russia in 2016. How to effectively support business during the crisis? The proper interaction with IT is important.

Give, not leave

The crisis makes you save on everything. IT outsourcing is a good idea for this, since 1 ruble of investments can save up to 2 rubles on the purchase of new hardware or software.

Of course, it does not seem possible to outsource the whole IT system. Such components as design and development of IT architecture, as well as critical services, are difficult to transfer and support outside a company. But you can release your IT department from routine tasks, thereby redirecting it to business.

The task that are outsourced most frequently include IT infrastructure management, Service Desk and workplace support. In this case a company will have the advantage of being able to reduce the cost of end user support twofold, increase the productivity and improve the efficiency of workplaces. Therefore, IT outsourcing will give the way to new opportunities and implement structural and strategic business transformations required to adapt during the difficult period of crisis.

«Today over 75% of companies with more than 500 automated workstations use, at least partially, IT outsourcing as a service that helps achieve both tactical and strategic company goals,» notes the director of ICL Services Sergei Solovyov. «The interest of customers to the services of external suppliers is increasing daily, thus giving the Russian market of IT outsourcing a chance to show positive growth in 2016.»

Download white papers

In addition to popular outsourced services company management should learn about other opportunities now provided by the market. This can be done with the help of service white papers. Such materials — called white papers in the world practice — provide a full understanding of a service and consider various options of implementation in practice, given the features of a company.

ICL Services experts prepared the unique materials that answer the questions about services, as well as show the level of expertise of our employees.

On the IT capacity management service page you can download the white paper that will tell you how to:

  • reduce the risks connected to IT infrastructure;
  • reduce the load on your IT department with the help of automation systems;
  • reduce the costs on IT infrastructure maintenance without prejudice to business.

On the Software Asset Management you can find the White paper containing a unique anti-crisis approach to software asset management, which will help you start a project on software optimization and provide you with the key to solving the problem of software management.

Following the market trends, we have also published the white paper on a complex solution used to create a cloud based on OpenStack platform prepared by an expert from ICL Services — one of the few Red Hat Certified Architects of Level VII in Russia. It contains the answers to the majority of questions that may arise when working with OpenStack.

Use mobile technology 365/7/24

Business owners often underestimate the mobile technology. But they directly affect the performance, which is especially important during the crisis. Mobile devices allow us to work with many applications (including corporate ones) from anywhere in the world, handle huge amounts of data in real time and address to large databases 24/7. In the information technology field we create a new unique infrastructure that allows using a growing number of portable devices to the full. The trend results in growth in the number of technological solutions based on Mobile Device Management (MDM) providing control over corporate data security, accessibility to applications and services on mobile devices.

Analyze the market

The task of each company during the crisis is to keep its market position. It is important to feel the pulse and analyze competitors, as well as to monitor the overall market situation, which will allow forecasting company’s abilities in the different cases of economic crisis development.

Many companies abandoned their plans to invest in new technologies in 2015 and are now allocating funds only to support the existing infrastructure. There is a decline in demand for expensive hardware, while the increase in demand for low cost technology and solutions is noticeable. Along with these trends, the IT market is witnessing an increased customer interest to various types of services that can help reduce operating costs. 2015 was the year of major changes in the models of supply and consumption of IT, which in turn provided certain players and business models with new development opportunities.

Thus, to support businesses during the crisis you need to constantly interact with market professionals, have access to unique information and the desire to follow the innovative trends of IT industry.


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