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25 November 2015


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Results and forecasts of the russian IT outsourcing market

2015 was the year of major changes in the models of supply and consumption of IT, which in turn provided certain players and business models with new development opportunities. We introduce the main short-term drivers, challenges and trends in the Russian IT outsourcing market.

Russian IT outsourcing market

The difficult economic situation of 2015 had an impact on the Russian IT service market, which decreased by approximately 15% in dollar terms. The main trend of this year was the desire of companies to receive high-quality IT services for less money. That resulted in a significant improvement in quality at a slight reduction in cost.

The Russian market of IT outsourcing is characterized by the increasing need for professional knowledge and more complicated projects. Agro-industry companies, which began to transfer their capacities to IT in the middle of 2015, received the greatest incentive for the development in the market. Incidence response — upon failure — is too expensive for business, so the trend shifted to proactive service delivery model.

It should be noted that customers seek service approach even in integration projects. This is no accident. At year-end the IT outsourcing have outlined the key benefits, including:

  • cost reduction,
  • reduction of internal labor costs with increasing service level,
  • opportunity to avoid hiring new employees,
  • access to new technologies/solutions,
  • ability to manage IT solutions by business divisions,
  • elasticity and possible flexible scaling,
  • reduced risks of IT service interruption.

With regard to market trends in Russia, experts do not expect major changes in the structure of customers, but retail outsourcing market will grow and the growth of outsourcing market in the financial sector will slow down soon.

2015 was the year IT companies switched their attention to the new branch — the public sector. Government institutions are the main driver for the active development of complex IT outsourcing in the near future. This is due to the fact that the level of training of IT personnel and the salary of IT experts often does not allow government institutions to develop their own IT services at an adequate level. Due to the transition of manufacturers to «smart» machines and modernization of design offices, industrial enterprises can become new major customers. Such changes require the expertise and involvement of IT consultants.

«Today over 75% of companies with more than 500 automated workstations use, at least partially, IT outsourcing as a service that helps achieve both tactical and strategic company goals,» notes the director of ICL Services Sergei Solovyov. «The interest of customers to the services of external suppliers is increasing daily, thus giving the Russian market of IT outsourcing a chance to show positive growth in 2016.»


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