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24 October 2014


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How to make Service Desk responsive?

People do not always need advice. 

Sometimes they need a hand that supports, an ear that listens and a heart that understands.


You may ask: "How does a citation of the Swedish writer Selma Lagerlof and Service Desk relate to each other and what does it have to do with my business?" We answer.


Fix problems with a printer or a scanner, legally install an anti-virus on computers in the company with 500 employees and more, solve the mass problem with e-mails in several departments, recover 1C for an accountant on the eve of the upcoming audit — these are the tasks that should be entrusted to a professional. In such cases just one phone call or a letter to competent Service Desk officers is an affordable, efficient and convenient opportunity for companies who value their time and money. There are a lot of companies providing such a popular service and competitive environment stimulates the provision of a quality service.

Each provider chooses its own path, including the ICL Services company, which has chosen to provide its customer with a novelty — responsive Service Desk. In a difficult business climate when the stable euro/dollar rate becomes the most important all companies need a responsive Service Desk: large and small, with and without branches and even those that already have a Service Desk.


Can a Service Desk provider provide a customer with something more than quality service? A fundamentally different approach to provision of Service Desk based on individual and truly human relations became relevant for ICL Services. The result is not just a call answered in time and rapid elimination of a technical problem but a good impression of an employee "on the other side" and customer's confidence in a careful attitude — this became an important factor for ICL Services when dealing with a customer.

That do you primarily appreciate when contacting a Service Desk? Probably, the tone of an employee, desire to resolve the issue asap and, therefore, listen to you. It is important for a customer to be understood, as well as feel a reliable friendly hand of the technical support. A lot of people who have to seek assistance from a Service Desk do not have a good handle in computers and feel uncomfortable. Therefore a Service Desk expert, and as a professional and psychologist in one person, is an integral part of the ICL Services team that created a new direction in provision of technical support services that has already been tested in practice.


"Technical support, hello, how can I help you?" — each morning of 21 Service Desk ICL Services employees, who answered calls on "Universiade" issues that fell under the definition of "technical" ones, began with this phrase. And there were quite a few: 6157 calls were received from March to August 2013, including 5480 — in June and July. Problems were many and varied: from issues related to technical problems on accreditation in information systems to requests for a Wi-Fi password. But in any case the main task of a Service Desk employee was the ability to collect available information and, if possible, resolve the issue immediately or quickly address the problem to an appropriate technical support team.

Requests concerning more serious technical issues were quite often: there were failures in the operation of servers, automated information systems (AIS), the video wall refused to work, telephony at the facilities, etc. The success and timing of competitions often depended on the speed of request processing. Athletes, judges and curators of sports teams, members of the Directorate and journalists (including foreign publications and TV channels), as well as ordinary viewers addressed Service Desk. Therefore, the ICL Services employees created the first positive impression of the level and quality of technical support for all participants of the Universiade when answering phone calls and e-mails, making the Service Desk truly responsive.

ICL Services team was responsible not only for the impression of guests from using the AIS but also for the success of key business processes: Allocation of delegations, access to sites, ticketing, etc. depended on the correct operation of Universiade systems


Today we hear more and more about the needs of business in partner interaction. Find and keep a decent partner, an external company that can bring the maximum benefit — this is an almost paramount problem for many companies. If you want to maintain a positive image of the company in the market and solve IT problems quickly and accurately, the ICL Services company providing a novelty — responsive Service Desk — can become one of the clearest examples of reliability for your business. This will allow decreasing the load on your IT department and use free time to solve more complex and strategic IT tasks.


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