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2 May 2017


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To Do In 1 Hour: Ran A New Webinar On New Solution ICL Workspace

ICL Services experts ran a webinar, which was devoted to the organization of a new generation workstation in 1 hour. The main part of the speech was divided into 4 blocks of questions:

  1. Current Problems and Challenges of User Workstation Management.
  2. ICL Workspace components and the options of using the solutions for workstations of different categories of employees.
  3. Practical cases of ICL Workspace implementation.
  4. Economic benefits from the use of ICL Workspace solutions

Also during the on-line conference, specialists gave specific examples of implementation of services with a cost estimate. A technical demonstration of some controls and a general scheme for granting access rights to users was carried out.

Participants asked questions about the organization of workstations, about possible problems that could be encountered during connection and operation; issues of security, data confidentiality, as well as ways of compatibility of ICL Workspace solution with existing licenses and customer certificates were touched upon.

Full version of the video can be viewed on  GlobalCIO.



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