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8 June 2015


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Recommendation service for CIOs

Global CIO portal has launched an annual recommendation service for CIOs. Each of 12 sections of the page contains services and new products from leading IT companies in Russia and the world.

ICL Services presented its services in several sections. They include: «Services and Outsourcing», «Infrastructure», «Storage Systems», «Business Applications,» «Cloud Solutions», «Import Substitution», «Mobility Management» and «Express Solutions.» On each of our pages you can not only learn about the company’s relevant services but also talk personally with the CEO Ruslan Vagizov or ask our experts a question and get a quick and skillful answer.

On the «Services and Outsourcing» page we have provided a complete presentation of our company, as well as information on some services in the one page format. They include:

We have created a Service Assistant so that you won’t get lost in the range of services we have created. Find its link on this page of a recommendation service. For example, if you need your computers to operate properly and uninterruptedly, select the «Computer» icon. One click, and the system itself will choose which services can be useful for you. All you have to do is write us.


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