ICL Services
  • 120 SharePoint-based applications
  • More than 50 000 of users
  • 12 500 sites
  • more than 3 000 000 documents supported
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This service is for you if:
  • your internal applications, corporate portal or workflows are built on SharePoint;
  • SharePoint does not meet all your expectations and needs in automation and integration of business processes and business data;
  • you don’t have enough specialists for deployment, support and development;
  • you demand to increase teamwork efficiency using SharePoint features.

SharePoint is a powerful platform for shared work, however not all its facilities are available in its off-the-shelf version. We will make SharePoint an easy and effective tool special for your company within our SharePoint-based design, development, support services.

We will help you automate your business process and build your corporate cooperation and communication center based on SharePoint.

The Service includes 3 levels of support for SharePoint-based applications:

  • requests resolution and problem detection on the 2nd level support;
  • problem root cause analysis on the 3rd level support;
  • application modification, bug fixing, testing, documentation update on the 4th level support.

The Service can be expanded with SharePoint environment support that consists of:

  • SharePoint installation, configuration and administration;
  • IIS and SharePoint related requests and problem resolution;
  • Nintex WorkFlow confugration and support of (if purchased);
  • managing SharePoint add-ons an 3rd party solutions (if necessary).
Services provided separately

ICL Services OrgChart is a component to explore org structure in 2 views with search and zooming for SharePoint 2013 and higher.

You can format boxes using HTML, design organizational chart with HTML templates according to your brand book and add new fields. It shows information from SharePoint lists, SQL databases and REST web services.

Free version for SharePoint 360 is accessible in office store. User guide you can find here. ICL Services Orgchart shows organizational structure in a tree form without leaking any info from user's sites.

To try or buy webpart, please contact us on pr@icl-services.com  

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SharePoint Managment Processes
  1. Application transition for further support

  2. Application deployment on customer’s environment

  3. Testing

  4. Creation of comprehensive set of documentation for the application

  5. Applications development using AGILE and Waterfall methodologies based on customer’s preference

  6. Requirements gathering and analysis

  1. Application change proposals to decrease support costs

  2. Creation of comprehensive project and technical documentation

    • design specification (application technical design, architecture description, max load capacity calculation etc.);
    • user manual;
    • test cases and test plans.
  3. Application analysis

  1. 4th support line

    • implementing customer’s change request for SharePoint application;
    • fixing bugs and defects;
    • release management;
    • application testing.
  2. 3rd support line

    • complicated problems and incidents resolution, provision of temporary workarounds.
  3. 2nd support line

    • SharePoint instances support;
    • role and access management;
    • SharePoint sites configuration and customization using standard features;
    • incidents resolution on application-level.
  4. Maintenance of MS SharePoint as a platform

    • SharePoint deployment and configuration;
    • monitoring of SharePoint based services and applications;
    • SharePoint applications deployment.

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— Rinat Khabibullin

expert in SharePoint applications management

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