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17 May 2017


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"ASTRA" Association And ICL Services Invite You To Strategic Session

The National Association of Strategic Outsourcing "ASTRA", with the support of ICL Services, invites executives and directors of the IT sphere to a unique strategic session "Business & IT Strategy: Western recipes in the Russian cuisine" within the framework of the annual Russian Outsourcing Week 2017. The session will be held on June 22, 2017 in Moscow in the business center "Novinsky Passage" at the studio CulinaryOn.

Are Western business strategies and means, methodologies and approaches applicable in Russia? And if yes, to what extent, in what cases and under what conditions?

In order to answer these current and extremely important questions for the Russian business, there were invited well-known and experienced expats - foreign experts and top managers of large companies, successfully working in Russia for many years. The experts will be:

  • Jonathan Sparrow, Cisco Russia / CIS, formerly NokiaSiemens, Accenture, DeutscheTelecom, PepsiCoInc.
  • Fabricio Granja CIOX5 (tbc), previously - Eldorado, Ciber
  • Alexander Hedayat, director of ISG Europe

The strategic session will consist of 3 parts with expert presentations and interactive discussions. In the third part, instead of a traditional business lunch, there will be a culinary workshop of the chef at the CulinaryOn studio on cooking steaks and a set of 2 dishes, followed by tasting cooked.

The strategic session is intended for executives and top managers of large Russian enterprises in the financial sector, trade, transport, telecommunications and energy.

Participation in the strategic session is free, the number of seats is limited. You can register at the website of the "ASTRA" association.


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