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24 May 2017


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142 Vacancies Are Open On The New Website Of ICL Group Of Companies

ICL Group has launched an updated official website, improved its layout, and also made technical and functional changes. The site will become a point of contact for partners, clients and job seekers of all business directions of the ICL group of companies. As told in the press service of the company: "Thanks to a modern adaptive design, icl.ru has become convenient in computers, tablets and users' phones. Now the website itself determines the type and size of the screen of the device and automatically adjusts its parameters. It has become more convenient to look for information about products and services, select a suitable service center, evaluate the industry expertise of the company and find the job of interest."

25 years of new time history in each tab

In practice, the ICL group of companies is the only Russian company which implements the full IT cycle: from the production of computer equipment to the construction of integrated infrastructure solutions and solutions for information security, from IT outsourcing to the development of its own software products and solutions. Strategic cooperation with the world's largest IT companies and participation in global IT projects allow ICL's customers to access international expertise and strengthen their competitive positions in the market. On the website you can find out about the completed projects; the scope of their implementation in the group of companies is diverse and affects all areas of business and virtually all industry segments.

Among the clients of the group of companies that can be found in the Company tab you can find such large representatives of business and government structures as: Ashan, Tatenergo, British Petroleum, Itella, federal ministries and offices and many others. Unfortunately, the success stories in the Projects section cover not all companies and government structures at which projects have been and continue to be implemented, as the ICL group of companies respects non-disclosure agreements. However, according to the growth dynamics, the company annually expands the list of customers and partners with which it moves in the direction of strategic growth.

Expansion of horizons

The ICL group of companies consists of 7 independent business units. The headquarters are located in Kazan, a number of representative bodies and offices are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Astrakhan, Innopolis (Upper Uslon and Laishevo) and Belgrade (Serbia).

"Expansion of horizons in the IT industry, laboratories and innovative development, the focus on advanced technologies - it all makes ICL one of the leading companies in Russia today," says Victor Dyachkov, CEO and key shareholder of the ICL group of companies. - The company's intellectual resources, in the person of expert staff and management, develop the original ideas that lie at the heart of any innovation process. Among other things, it is determined by the culture of the company, including principles and obligations, on the basis of which a development strategy is being designed and implemented. "

The ICL group of companies is planning to constantly expand the regions of presence by opening new representative offices on the territory of the Russian Federation (currently, the possibility of expanding business in the Far East is being explored), and by receiving orders for new markets abroad (in Asia, the Persian Gulf, etc.).

The team is looking for the best

Currently, the ICL team employs over 2,300 people, including nearly 1,200 programmers and more than 600 system engineers, and it continues to grow. It is planning to open 200-250 new jobs a year. That's why a large space of the new website is given to the Career section, where you can find not only open vacancies, but also learn about the benefits of work, recommend a friend or leaf through pages about the corporate life.

A separate chapter in the Career tab is dedicated to students. The key group of managers in the ICL group of companies came from the plant "EVM" ("Electronic Computing Machine") the Kazan Manufacturing Enterprise of Computer Systems. Now it is actively diluted by young personnel and they are a driving force of the company. ICL actively invests in cooperation with leading universities, supports schools of programming, improves the tool base and encourages employees to continuously develop their competencies.

"We appreciate and respect our customers, partners and potential colleagues. Therefore, we decided to update the key point of interaction - our website, and make it faster, easier and more convenient. Receiving feedback and pieces of advice both in the process of work, and now, we are becoming better. The qualitative update of the website with the help of our partner-developers - Alto Vision - is a constant process, so in the nearest future you will be presented new improvements. Thank you for being with us," says Lilia Aleeva, head of the website update team.


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