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26 May 2020


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The value of YouTube platform in B2B marketing

For a long time, YouTube has been a platform for B2C and C2C segments. But B2B also sees great opportunities for promotion through this channel, with the only difference — the content for the YouTube audience should not be selling, but more fashionable. It is unlikely that an accidental viewer during watching a video about super-sophisticated equipment or an IT service will go and order these products right there, but he will definitely be able to form an opinion about your company, be inspired by voiced ideas, recharge your speakers’ energy and at least want to know about your company more. And who knows how ‘6 Handshakes’ rule would work this time. So, in my opinion, the ultimate YouTube marketing strategy is to make the viewer fall in love, win over, and interest from a practical point of view. In order to do this a good YouTube video must meet at least the following five criteria:
1. Unique content
It seems obvious, but many YouTubers still shoot the same thing that was shot many times before them. This may work for the first couple of times, but in general, it will be difficult for you to stand out from the millions of similar videos. Therefore, try to shoot original.

2. Relevance
If you shoot a video on the installation of the Windows XP theme, it is unlikely that you will gain a lot of views and earn fame as a professional: the topic has hopelessly passed. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor trends in your industry and shoot relevant videos in a timely manner.

3. Benefit
It’s irresponsible to steal minutes from the viewer to watch your video and don’t give anything in return. Therefore, try to invest in favor of each of your video, so the audience will have a pleasant aftertaste after contact with your product.

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