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30 April 2015


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Customer focus: consumer in focus of a power supply company

This week ICL Solutions company (a division of ICL company group engaged in application solutions for business) held a webinar called «CRM — key to new opportunities for a power supply company contact center.»

Organizers of the event told the audience about how the integrated CRM system at a power company allows organizing interaction with consumers at a qualitatively different level.

The webinar addressed such problems as:

  1. interconnection of communication channels with a client in order to comply with legal requirements for the level of client service;
  2. reduction of non-core load on key personnel;
  3. application of tools to help reduce the level of receivables.

The operation of the CRM system was demonstrated to the participants of the webinar: meter reading telephone service, incoming call consultation, work with client’s personal account, as well as a new receivables tool TextToSpeech.

The relevance and visibility of the CRM system contact center experience was appreciated by all the participants.

For materials about a past event, as well as the schedule of upcoming events, please call (843) 567-56-57 or send an email to our key customers manager Renata Abaidullina.


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