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9 November 2017


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ICL Services Took Part In Rmaa Open Asia Analytical Study

As a provider of IT outsourcing services, ICL Services has become one of the participants of a study on the strategies of Russian companies aimed at entering foreign markets. This project is implemented by RMAA Open Asia marketing agency.

"To date, our research on Russian companies successfully operating in foreign markets is one of a kind. It is mainly aimed not at obtaining cold hard facts but at collecting insights from business leaders. The report is based on interviews and in-person communication with the leaders of Russian business," said Vadim Talik, Head, RMAA Open Asia.

We started in July 2017 and completed our analysis by the end of October 2017. In total, 22 representatives from various Russian companies which successfully operate in foreign markets participated in the survey: SPLAT, Natura Siberica, Pobeda, Smeshariki, Group-IB, Alawar, Softline, etc.

"We are truly committed to our customers, and we are a transparent enterprise, so we happily took part in the study of strategies for entering international markets. As a world-class IT service company, we can share experiences which can be useful for various companies, including the 'rising stars' of the IT industry," said Sergey Soloviev, CEO, ICL Services.

To learn the secrets of success from ICL Services, as well as to read the detailed description of the study and its results, please visit the RMAA Open Asia's official website.


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