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16 November 2017


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Outsourcing Major League: How To Provide IT Services In Accordance With International Standards

Optimization is one of the main tasks of any business. It’s the gospel truth. Companies focus their intellectual, economic, and production resources on their core business, and supporting or accompanying processes are delegated to professional service providers. Traditional outsourcing that helps to reduce costs of non-core business functions is becoming more and more popular.

Even today, the outsourcing market in Russia is multifaceted and fairly widespread: third-party professionals deal with accounting and tax issues, provide legal, marketing, and advertising consulting, seek and hire personnel, and provide services such as logistics, cleaning, courier delivery, or security. However, IT is naturally the most large-scale segment of this market.

IT service providers develop software (including cross-platform mobile applications, functional websites, chat bots, etc.), offer outsourcing in the field of networking and telecommunications, maintain the infrastructure, as well as provide expert technical support and outstaffing. Initially, the IT outsourcing was developing through the efforts of market players themselves; however, at present, demand from state-owned companies is also growing actively.

Look at the data
According to IDC research, the volume of the IT services market in Russia in 2016 amounted to $4.52 billion, which is 34% lower in comparison with that seen in 2015 when expressed in dollars. In 2016, the sharp decline in the Russian economy led to a slowdown in the development and implementation of new projects; however, the segment associated with the maintenance of the existing infrastructure was actively growing. The demand shifted to maintenance and IT outsourcing, and as a result, these segments grew by 10–15% during 2016.

However, the trends in IT outsourcing market depend not only on the observed realignment. Service industry adapts to modern trends and deploys new promotion approaches. Given the rapid development of the Internet of Things, a number of new services have emerged with the goal of ensuring enhanced data security and protecting the cloud infrastructure. Providers focus their business models on customers and achieve closer integration of their internal processes. In the course of a continuous dialogue, they do their best to better understand their customers and achieve their goals faster.

Outsourcing not only creates new opportunities for customers, it also helps to optimize business of the contractor. The largest global outsourcing association — International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) — defines the Major League of service providers.

Quality is the top priority
For 11 years, IAOP has been drawing up the Global Outsourcing 100 ratings for leading outsourcing service providers from around the world. An independent jury annually uses a special assessment methodology, which includes discussions at meetings of the boards of customers who are members of the IAOP and have rich experience in choosing providers of corporate outsourcing services. Any provider of outsourcing services has the right to apply for inclusion in the rating, regardless of the size, location, or nature of its business. Participating industries include IT and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), as well as outsourcing related to infrastructure, real estate and asset management, production, and logistics.

TOP 100 companies are selected taking into account the number of points received based on the evaluation results in the following five categories: business size and growth, customer testimonials, awards and certificates, implementation of innovative programs, and social maturity (in accordance with the description of the current policy in the filed of corporate social responsibility).

Высшая лига аутсорсинга: как предоставлять ИТ-сервисы мирового уровня?

Experience of a newcomer
ICL Services from Russia participates in the IAOP international ranking for the third consecutive year. Previously, ICL Services received outsourcing stars in the following three categories: Customer References, Programs for Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility. And this year, the star was also received in the Awards & Certifications category.

ICL Services' CEO Sergey Soloviev believes that the success of any company depends on its ability to establish the closest possible relationship with its customers. "You have to modernize the services you provide every day. Our main values are customer-oriented approach, portfolio of quality services, timely training and development of personnel, as well as accumulation and use of the best international practices. This approach helped ICL Services to take an honorable place in the Top 100 providers of outsourcing services," he says.

Высшая лига аутсорсинга: как предоставлять ИТ-сервисы мирового уровня?

By the way
Digital transformation of businesses is in full swing. According to analysts from IDC, about half of companies will revise lists of their current suppliers by 2020. When choosing a new provider, you should pay attention to international ratings, such as the IAOP, because such measures can be your "safety bag." It is better to deal with an outsourcer which meets the requirements of international standards, does not avoid innovation, and cares about the social and environmental well-being of the whole society.


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