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3 November 2017

IT Educational Project Launched In Gymnasium No. 19

ICL Services launched an educational project for 30 students of the 9th grades of Gymnasium No. 19 to introduce them to a variety of information technologies and future IT professions. The duration of the course is 5 month. At the end, students will take part in a large-scale business game, which will help them put into practice and better remember all the knowledge gained.

"Introduction to IT" is a training course conducted as a game by leading ICL Services experts and includes lectures and practical exercises in 12 different areas — from technical support to programming and administration. The disciplines are as follows: computer networks, Internet of Things, information security, cloud computing, basics of software development, and IT project management.

The students will receive knowledge that will help them to better navigate the complex world of information technology, understand many IT terms and the specifics of the main IT careers.

"We want schoolchildren to know about the requirements for IT professionals and understand the tasks of a system administrator or programmer, and we also want them to be interested in a wide range of IT," said Oksana Tomilets, Deputy Director for Personnel Training and Development, ICL Services. 


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