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30 October 2017


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IT service solutions to increase business efficiency

All companies which want to develop their business use advanced technologies. Digital technologies are rapidly developing, and today there is nothing unusual about augmented reality, the Internet of Things, and other smart areas. Information volumes are growing, companies are searching for ways to adapt to changes, not only revising the set of services they provide to their customers but also transforming internal processes, making them more mobile, dynamic, and innovative.

To keep ahead of the field, analysts recommend implementing new IT solutions as quickly as possible. Below we will discuss key technologies that will help save money, support business sustainability, increase operating speed and customer satisfaction. 

Software solution based on the Omnitracker platform

Everyone knows that it is necessary to plan and control company assets. This can be done using a software solution based on the Omnitracker platform developed by ICL Services, an international IT service company. The solution helps store and manage data hosted in the company's assets (such as network devices, databases and data storages, physical and virtual services). It allows companies to:

  • organize and optimize storing and handling information about assets;
  • control the existing infrastructure condition using reporting;
  • use a unified convenient tool developed on the basis of current needs.

To ensure better control, this software solution is developed and implemented using the Omnitracker platform. Within this solution, every IT infrastructure component has a wide range of attributes necessary to provide the most complete and detailed information possible about a device. If additional information is needed, there is an option to add custom attributes and work with them. Then reports are created, which are configured taking into account the needs of a particular project. This makes it possible to control the environment in a user-friendly way and to work and make decisions at a higher level.

To provide the technical capability for data processing, as well as a general understanding of how to do it, ICL Services' specialists have developed a process to manage such assets. This helps to understand roles and responsibilities, rules and procedures, as well as necessary actions. This process is quite flexible, so it can be implemented "as is" or adjusted according to the company policy requirements.

Self-service portal

The self-service portal makes it possible to access the company's resources and services and quickly resolve IT problems without using the support desk, and if additional support is absolutely necessary, the portal provides the option to register a query. Unlike existing solutions, the ICL self-service portal is a one-box solution which allows a wide range of tasks to be automated:

  • autonomous access to printers and shared access to files;
  • autonomous installation of allowed applications (with one click);
  • registration of different administrative and IT queries;
  • resolution of standard technical problems.

The tool can always be accessed from the desktop, so you don't have to remember where to call or write to. The solution is created as a one-stop-shop service. Its interface combines many different existing systems, helping the user to find and access services without having to remember the addresses/names/titles of resources.

Access to portal functions is provided either via web interface or a desktop agent (specifically in the system tray). Such an approach ensures continuous access to self-service functions wherever you are: on the road, in the office, or at home. The web interface makes it possible to easily integrate the solution into any corporate portal, while retaining the company style. Automation is configured and managed on the server side (centrally) thus reducing solution maintenance costs and increasing system efficiency.

Also due to the centralization, system support can remotely perform different tasks, and this is crucial for automating IT department activities, especially for first support line and for First Call Resolution optimization. We should also point out integration with Microsoft System Center Manager (SCCM), which makes it possible to autonomously install corporate applications using advanced algorithms for approving and restricting access rights on the self-service portal. The system interface language is fully adapted to the user's needs, which can be very helpful for companies working in the CIS and other countries.

Such a tool would help the IT department of any company save a lot on "handling queries" from users. ICL Services estimates that up to 30% of queries can be resolved independently, which could lead to substantial budget savings. 

Mobile personnel management system

Coverage area expansion and stricter requirements for the level of IT services in companies determine the need to introduce changes into approaches to mobile personnel management. The automated mobile personnel management system is designed to cost-effectively perform scalability tasks and to increase labor productivity.

Let's see how it works using the example of engineers from ICL Services. Work orders are delivered to the service engineer's smartphone. Using a mobile device, the engineer can report on tasks in real time or with little delay, receive service information, and notify about problems. The major task is to get rid of all useless and not valuable work and free up time spent on reporting and other paperwork.

The system also makes it possible to optimize the engineer's assignment to work orders based on location, estimated travel time to the site, and current workload. This approach will also be applied to subcontractor employees hired to perform service operations.

So, by using a mobile personnel management system, companies can:

  • retain manageability with the same number of managers in the event of a large increase in work and engineering staff expansion;
  • ensure management and management information quality through transition from "voice management" to "digital";
  • control SLA and balance existing capabilities;
  • reduce the human factor in coordination and planning tasks, and improve workplace discipline using geolocation tools;
  • retain manageability in the event of business scalability;
  • completely shift to the service model and stop using fixed teams, leading to a cheaper service and retaining service quality.

As a result, new generation IT tools help companies not only stay relevant and control the asset management process but also provide secure access to workplaces wherever the employees are located, reducing expenses and increasing labor productivity.


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