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24 May 2019


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ICL GROUP entered the top largest it companies in Russia

TAdviser prepared a new ranking of 100 largest companies working in the Russian IT market. ICL Group was ranked the 24th moving up on the TAdviser ranking for 3 positions, as compared with 2017. As a whole, 87 of 100 companies showed the income growth. At the same time, the entry barrier in the ranking of 2019 increased up to 982 million rubles.

Analysts estimated such indicators as the consolidated revenue, including VAT, the number of employees at the year-end 2018, the business profile, key areas and considered key clients of IT companies. The consolidated revenue of ICL Group was 10,848 million rubles, including VAT.

TAdviser announces that as a result of 2018, the total revenue of 100 largest IT companies in Russia that entered the TAdviser100 ranking was 1.477 trillion rubles, which is 9% higher than the figure of the previous ranking.


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