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Key Challenges

To increase the speed of decision-making and inner interaction the Customer was interested in assessing the effectiveness of existing records management processes and workflow system that supports it. Also, the Customer wanted to assess the effectiveness of the current level of automation of records management processes.

Goals and objectives

  • Conducting rapid analysis of records management processes adopted in the existing workflow system
  • Analyzing users’ performance discipline in the existing workflow system
  • Identifying ways to improve the process

Implemented our solution

  1. Within the scope of preparation works for automation of the Customer’s record management processes we have analyzed the records management processes performed in the existing workflow system. To do the analysis, the ICL Services downloaded files from the existing system, analyzed its data, and then analyzed the results obtained.
  2. The project implementation took one working month. Examination revealed following figures: total number of documents entered into the system for given period was 4325, of which only for 3601 resolution was adopted, and only 55 documents were marked as implemented. The rest 4270 incoming documents in the current workflow system were suspended on registration and resolution stages.
  3. Moreover, examination showed a high duration of transfer between stages: period between 1st and 2nd resolutions was up to 59 hours, period between the date of adoption of resolution and the date of implementation of document was 162.8 hours, and period between actual implementation and marking of implementation in the workflow system was 75.2 hours.
  4. The team of ICL Services gave recommendations for the process improvement and optimization and a number of recommendations for significant reduction of duration of individual stages of the process.

Products and technologies

  • MS Office applications: Excel, Access
  • Tools for automated in-depth process analysis: PRO/ZRENIE

*The Customer is the client of Fujitsu Group, with ICL Services (ICL Group company) providing services to it


  • Mismatch has been revealed between the electronic workflow process actually performed and the Provision adopted by the Customer
  • Bottlenecks of the processes and ways to reduce losses have been identified
  • Recommendations have been made for the process improvement and optimization


Ildar Khusnutdinov
Head of Service Delivery


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