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27 June 2016


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Support of BizTalk Server 2010: useful hints

A little about Microsoft BizTalk Server

Microsoft BizTalk Server is a server used for the integration of applications and the development of their information infrastructure. It works on Windows and requires Microsoft SQL Server as a repository. This server is a kind of an intermediary, which enables independent applications communicate with each other in the form of messages, converting their formats and using its built-in business logic.

Use cases for Microsoft BizTalk Server are as follows:


Introduction of development framework

If you want to develop applications for BizTalk Server, you need a development framework. It is very simple: since BizTalk Server uses MS SQL Server as a repository, at first, it may seem logical to copy Biztalk Server service bases to reproduce it quickly, but this is not an option. The problem is that if you try to set up a new BizTalk Server using bases from another server, you will have to manually search and erase the traces of the old server by replacing them with the information about the new one. This will take time and success is not guaranteed. The most appropriate solution is to set up the development framework from scratch. You have to make sure that versions of important components match with the productive server.

The Biztalk Server 2010 Developer Edition was introduced specifically for developers. It is free and you can download it from Microsoft website.

You may not find it logical to copy BizTalk Server service bases but the Internet is full of forums where people are persistently trying to do it. Not for backup, but for server duplication.

Introduction of the development environment from scratch is a faster and more reliable solution compared to, for example, copying of BizTalk databases and productive environment.

For more practical tips, see our blog on Habrahabr


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