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22 November 2017


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Industrial IoT: Trends And Perspectives In The Domestic Market

Any Russian company which does everything possible to be competitive in the modern world necessarily considers the use of the most advanced digital technologies, and the Internet of Things (IoT) occupies one of the leading places among such technologies. A variation of this technology for business is called Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). IIoT helps companies to optimize their resources and automate business processes. Industrial IoT is now at the peak of its popularity in the USA. What about Russia?

Developer Choice is a contest which allows visitors to get acquainted with Russian hardware and software developers. Developer Choice will be held on November 26 in Kazan IT Park. This event will be devoted to the development of solutions in the field of Industrial Internet of Things to automate the assembly processes at various Russian enterprises. Developer Choice is not a Hackaton, but a meeting of experienced and highly skilled IT professionals who will talk to potential customers and present their ideas for devices and services, as well as ready-to-use solutions along with detailed descriptions. Some of the participants will be able to conclude development contracts during the event itself. Who will it be? We will find it out soon!

Before the Developer Choice opening ceremony we talked to Ilya Appolonov, who is an expert in this field and leads IoT at ICL Services. Ilya told us about the current condition of this market, potential benefits of industrial IoT, and nuances when choosing a service provider in this field.

"Active development of the Russian IIoT market began in 2016. And already in 2017, we have observed an explosive growth in demand from large enterprises with state participation in the implementation of IIoT solutions, which is due to the Russian government's decision to transition into a digital economy.

At the same time, Industrial Internet of Things began to penetrate not only in manufacturing industries but also in retail, logistics, medicine, energy generation and transmission, as well as many other areas of business. Examples include automating a logistics park using robotic elevating equipment and a distributed system for diagnosing and monitoring patients' health that provides comprehensive coverage from the level of a nurse in the medical institution to a doctor, who can be thousands of miles away.

However, at the moment, the greatest interest is observed in manufacturing industries — machine building, aircraft building, automotive industry — which account for about 30% of the total IIoT market. And this is natural. IIoT solutions bring many benefits to manufacturing enterprises, including the following ones:

  • energy saving
  • ensuring the possibility of preventive maintenance and minimization of downtime because of breakdowns
  • improving the quality of the final product
  • acceleration of the technological cycle
  • increasing the asset utilization
  • prevention of the theft of parts, assemblies, and finished products
  • ensuring the possibility of transition to make-to-order manufacturing
  • reduction in the number of accidents

Successful partnership is the key to overall success

Considering the large number of technical components of any IIoT solution — network and server infrastructure, end devices, services for analyzing streaming and static data — none of Russian IT integrators can fully cover all the needs using only their own resources. Therefore, the integrator's own technical competencies are often not so important as its ability to find partners and ensure effective collaboration with them.

In the future, ideas for new solutions in the IIoT market will be provided by integrators who should have extensive experience in solving applied business tasks using IIoT.

As a beginner expert in IIoT, our company has already signed a partnership agreement with Signum, a Russian vendor of the Winnum IIoT platform. In addition, we will participate in Developer Choice, a competition for professional hardware and software developers.

IIoT solutions have higher requirements for a guaranteed business effect and lower implementation risks. Therefore, we are sure that the success of IIoT projects depends entirely on a successful technological partnership." 



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