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18 December 2017

ICL Services Has Published a Report on Social Responsibility

ICL Services — one of the largest providers of IT services in Russia — published a social responsibility report for 2017. This document describes the main achievements of the Company in the field of corporate social responsibility, as well as the results of activities in the field of environmental protection and charity.

"ICL Services is aware of the economic, social and environmental consequences of its operations and adheres to the principles defined in the ISO 26000 international standard," commented Sergei Soloviev, CEO, ICL Services. "We do our best to be an effective and reliable partner for all stakeholders: our customers, employees, society, founders and the state as a whole."

As a service provider in a high-tech and dynamic industry such as IT, ICL Services places great emphasis on educating and developing its employees. Opportunities for continuous professional development are provided in accordance with employees' own interests and the company's needs. In 2016, the number of employees who request internal or external training at least once a year — more than 90 %.

It should be mentioned that ICL Services received the star of the leader from the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) for the second consecutive year, including in the Corporate Social Responsibility category.


ICL Services employees visited the animal sanctuary


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