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9 July 2018


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ICL Services Expands Expertise In It-Audit

ICL Services company, which provides outsourcing, consulting and software solutions support, is proud to announce expansion of IT-audit service. From now on audit will allow not only to evaluate current state of IT infrastructure, availability level of IT-services and check company's IT-processes, but also estimate skills of IT-team. Another new function in service portfolio is informational security audit.

ICL Services provides both audit of separate IT-areas and comprehensive IT-audit, which checks the following: IT-infrastructure, IT-systems, business processes, IT-security, IT-resources, ITSM-processes, IT-assets and IT-department in the whole.

If your business wants to increase performance of company's IT-services and IT-strategy, IT-audit will help you successfully implement long-term plans. In-depth data analysis will give IT-directors expert tips which will help them increase effectiveness of IT-department, boost performance of existing IT-capacities and justify investments into IT for top-management.


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