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11 April 2016


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ICL Services cut annual labor efforts for over 7000 hours

The software from Samara developer i-Sys was used to automate business processes of ICL Services, the company providing professional IT outsourcing services in Russia. DocTrix Platform system using Microsoft SharePoint technology provided labor savings for at least 7452 hours per year.

DocTrix products contain technological changes for over 220 Western technologies, which dramatically improve the efficiency and eliminates the shortcomings of standardized products. Usual development of Microsoft SharePoint-based services presuppose substantial financial and time costs, as well as highly skilled .NET developers. Solutions of Russian programmers allowed modifying Western technologies and minimizing labor costs when implementing and supporting a system.

Engineers of ICL Services used the ability to create new and improve already implemented business processes by their own efforts and without referencing to a developer and programmers to implement the project. The Internal Application Support Service of ICL Services created plenty of subsystems, from a self-service portal to personnel effectiveness assessment and business process improvement management systems. All these elements are integrated with e-mail and other systems, which increases the efficiency of internal communication.

Currently, the total number of DocTrix lists and libraries on the domestic corporate portal is around 100. The complexity of the support was reduced by 3 times and the speed of business process implementation has increased multiple times.

"ICL Services observes a significant reduction in the cost of process management and information provision. For example, an applicant may open a system and find out about the application processing status and planned completion dates. The transparency of business process has improved dramatically, less time is spent searching for information and filling out the paperwork. The total reduction in labor costs amount to over 7000 hours per year. Besides, the use of DocTrix Platform allowed us to save funds on the development and programming of work processes. Having completed the project on our own, we reduced costs by 2-3 times compared with the average market prices," said Sergey Mikheyev, the Internal Application Support Service Head in ICL Services.

Based on PCWeek materials


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