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10 April 2016


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ICL Services will participate in a "Safe cloud and the law"

12 April 2016

Safe Cloud and the Law

A unique closed meeting between the leading IT executives of large Kazan companies and an expert Mikhail Emeliyannikov.

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On April 12, 2016 ICL Services will participate in a closed meeting with an expert in the field of information and business security Mikhail Emeliyannikov called "Safe cloud and the law."

The event will focus on the use of cloud infrastructure without breaking the law. ICL Services and Technopolis will also present a refreshing high-level overview of Microsoft information security technologies in local, cloud and hybrid environments based on real examples. 

"The time spent on this event will be an investment, not a waste," the meeting organizers are convinced, as its purpose is to refresh the knowledge of the rapidly changing technology, show that cloud solutions can and should be used, as well as exchange ideas and contacts.

Ruslan Vagizov, the executive director of ICL Services, will speak about the migration of services to cloud infrastructures.


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