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17 December 2021


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How to Reduce the Load on Internal IT Service: the Experience of a German Equipment Manufacturer

As companies grow, their internal technical support services often require more and more resources to maintain. In this case, it is more convenient, efficient, and profitable to partially or completely outsource these tasks to a professional outsourcing company. Read on to find out how the experts of a certain IT company organized remote technical and on-site support for a German manufacturer of cleaning equipment.
In-depth analysis of processes and compiling a knowledge base
In 2021, the customer’s Russian division outsourced the technical support of its offices and warehouses to ICL Services. The main task was to reduce the load on the internal support service and systematize the processing of incoming user calls.

ICL Services assessed the current work of the IT system and, based on the information collected, recommended to install the Service Desk solution with Artificial Intelligence technologies. At the same time, ICL Services was collecting data on the existing system and compiling a knowledge base for efficient front line operation.

Remote technical and on-site support
Employees of the customer’s offices and warehouses report malfunctions using a special self-service portal. ICL Services receives an average of 700 requests per month. Most requests have to do with technical equipment malfunctions: a broken laptop, printer, or keyboard, as well as software failures, such as errors when working with Outlook or corporate applications.

Requests are registered in the company’s ITSM (IT Service Management) and are immediately seen by the ICL Services team. If a problem can be solved without the user’s involvement, ICL Service specialists will solve it themselves. If not, they will contact the user by phone and help to solve the problem. ICL Services specialists also remotely support the company’s warehouses: they accept requests in ITSM and pass them on to the customer’s employees on duty.

In situations where in-person presence is required, ICL Services specialists provide on-site support at offices or warehouses upon request. For example, ICL Services helped to safely move servers and server equipment to Sochi, as well as conducted two inventories in Samara and St. Petersburg.
Today, such technical support is provided at three warehouses and 11 offices of the customer in 11 Russian cities. All of the project’s SLAs are in the green zone.

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