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8 February 2018

ICL Services Is In Top-10 Russian Companies In IT-Services And Outsourcing

According to Tadviser rating based on financial metrics of 2016, ICL Services is one of TOP-8 IT-outsourcing providers. Also the international provider is included into TOP-10 largest Russian companies, offering IT-services.

"The research showed, that nowadays Russian companies prefer national IT-service providers, who can quickly respond to changing project terms and know the particular characteristics of local IT-market", says Sergey Solovyov, CEO of ICL Services. "We are happy with the results, shown by ICL services and hope to take a high position on the rating in 2017 as well."

Tadviser analysts note that Russian IT-services market grew by 4% and now amounts to RUR 306.4B. This segment includes system integration, consulting and development of custom software, installation and support of hardware and software, IT-education and trainings. Among major market trends — digitalization, cloud technologies and demand on implementation and development of import-substituting solutions

Full rating in IT-outsouring and IT-services


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