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Key Challenges

As a result a merger the IT architecture of the new company did not comply with evolutionary needs of the firms business. It represented a tactical solution, rather than a long term vision of the company’s growth and development.

It became essential to redesign the system in a way that would allow for future expansion of volumes and services with least possible effort and reduced cost of ownership.

Goals and objectives

  • The scope of the project was to replace existing legacy Logistic Workflow Management with a new generation system based on .Net architecture. It is a considerable project as it covers full development cycle: requirements collection & analysis, HLD and LLD, development, system testing and deployment.

Implemented our solution

  1. ICL Services employed True Agile methodologies with project & sprint planning, resulting in clear visibility to the customer and a result-oriented approach. The result of the development process was a completely redesigned system.
  2. The new system is a web application made available to end users via web browsers without any necessity to install any specific software – only an Internet connection is required. At the same time the system provides an API so that additional functionality can be easily integrated. The end user experience of the system is now as fast, reliable and intuitive as possible.
  3. The Implementation approach included several up-to-date features and techniques in order to increase system performance and have the most advanced user interface features, including the following:
    • Thick client model: business logics is partially transferred to the client layer, optimizing overall performance and relieving the server side
    • Use of cross-browser multi-platform client-side framework (jQuery)
    • Utilization of AJAX communication model: information is sent and received by the client via lightweight web services
    • ORM data model: access to the actual data is secured and unified via ORM layers

Products and technologies

  • .Net
  • AJAX
  • jQuery

The Customer is the client of Fujitsu Group, with ICL Services (ICL Group company) providing services to it


  • Order management: different types of orders created / modified / looked up in the system, different types of order items created/modified/linking the orders together
  • Address management: manipulating address books, manipulating participants of the orders / order items based on address book records
  • Order follow-up: adding files / notes to orders, manipulating events / milestones related to orders, manipulating routing information (ETA, ETD etc); manipulating order statuses
  • Authorization/authentication: complex subsystem of granting roles and privileges on account and user basis
  • Administration: manipulating hierarchies of objects (accounts, users, privileges, business rules etc), manipulating miscellaneous dictionaries (location codes, INCO terms etc)
  • Automation: communicating with external ERP systems by exchanging different kinds of XML messages
  • Reporting: creating and exchanging miscellaneous customizable reports based on the live information that is currently on the system
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Ildar Khusnutdinov
Head of Service Delivery

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