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Energy Company of Bashkortostan

Key Challenges

Legal requirements to the level of customer service have become a catalyst for Russian energy companies in the area of interaction with the energy consumers. More strict requirements to quality of service prompted the companies to build processes shifting the focus from the relationship with the customer to the customer itself. The customer must become not just a point in the contract, but a key figure.

To make the process of implementing a customer-oriented strategy most effective, the ESKB management decided to implement a new integrated billing system.

Goals and objectives

  • Improving the efficiency of the Company through harmonization and automation of business processes related to sale operations and facilitating the data transfer procedures between units of the Company
  • Ensuring the transparency of operations within the Company for the management, investors, and the company as a whole
  • Improving the quality of customer service

Implemented our solution

  1. Complete automation of business processes related to electric energy sales.
  2. Minimization of decision-making time in production processes of ESKB Ltd, enhancing validity of decisions by means of rapid generation of reports and queries.
  3. Removal of mistake probability and human factor affect to the system operation by introduction of tools which define and limit levels of authority and rights for each user.
  4. The solution was successfully integrated with 13 adjacent systems:
    • System of accepting payments from credit institutions
    • System of interaction with network companies
    • “Mobil +” system (SMS processing)
    • “MoBill.CallCenter” system
    • UPA (User Personal Account)
    • SD - Energy
    • Emailsender (mailing invoices by e-mail)
    • system of cooperation with the republican social support center
    • SNRG system
    • Exchange of social norms data
    • Billing statement archive
    • Administration of municipalities
    • Receipt of consumed energy data from consumers via mobile phones by means of USSD requests

Products and technologies

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX2012.


  • Increasing the quality of customer service
  • United database of electricity consumers for all guaranteeing suppliers
  • Automatic control of accounts receivable level
  • Transparency of all current processes of energy sales
  • Reduction of labor and management costs
  • Increase in control of main activity of the Company
  • High level of automation of all processes
  • Decrease in labor costs for routine operations
  • Possibility for further scaling of the solution

Services provided

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Ildar Khusnutdinov
Head of Service Delivery


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