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A major car manufacturer

Key Challenges

ICL Services’ customer is a major Russian automotive company. Like other similar enterprises, the company faced the high costs of security service maintenance. In order to optimize the expenses and more effectively deter unauthorized perimeter intrusion and thefts at workplace, the customer planned to implement a fully-automated integrated security system comprising a video surveillance system, an intrusion alarm system, and an access control system.

In 2018, ICL Services experts started the processes of security system integration and automation. The end-to-end cycle of project design works was completed, from on-site inspection and the elaboration of the project support documents to the purchase of equipment, its installation, start-up and adjustment, as well as staff training and commissioning. All the works were performed in the course of ongoing continuous production, with more than 50 ICL Services employees engaged at the site.

Goals and objectives

  • To improve the operating efficiency and optimize the costs of security system maintenance of the enterprise.
  • To create a comprehensive safeguarding system, an integrated security system, and a centralized monitoring system.

Implemented our solution

  1. 1. Automation of the perimeter security system.

    The security fence around the perimeter of the production facility is more than 10 km long. To ensure the security of the facility and prevent the transfer of material assets from the production site, the customer had to use private security guards to patrol the perimeter.

    The automation of the security system was intended to reduce the frequency of false fence intruder detection, to increase the speed of the system’s incident response, and to predict the incidents. To that end, ICL Services specialists deployed a perimeter video surveillance system, along with installing video cameras in storm-water drains.

    The camera’s field of view is correlated with a security area, and when the alarm is activated, the corresponding area is displayed on the operator’s screen. Thus the operator can verify a false alarm. The security area is monitored either using IP cameras installed directly on the fence or with the help of robotic cameras mounted on posts.

    The operator is informed of the detection of activity within the surveillance area or of the crossing of the virtual line in the proximity of the security area. This type of analytics helps predict security violations and detect them before the intrusion alarm system is activated.

    The CCTV system data are streamed both to the data collection centre and to local servers deployed throughout the security checkpoints. This distribution enhances the system reliability due to the backing up of visual surveillance posts and reduces the response delay of the security squad dealing with an incident. As a result, these improvements helped the company reduce the number of patrols surveilling the perimeter.
  2. 2. Deployment of weigh stations at vehicle access checkpoints.

    The customer developed a proprietary system of weight control and deviation detection using weigh stations, and ICL Services experts equipped them with boom barriers, traffic lights and licence plate recognition cameras.

    The deployed system automatically monitors entry and exit and recognizes the license plates of vehicles entering the premises of the facility. These data are associated with the customer’s system of weigh stations.

    This type of automation enables the loading area employees to save time as they do not need to enter the vehicle plate numbers, check the consignment note, or weigh the truck separately.
  3. 3. Mobile video surveillance systems.

    ICL Services experts equipped a number of cars with mobile video surveillance systems and developed mobile video surveillance units.

    They allow to rapidly deploy a video surveillance system wherever laying the cables is unsuitable, for example, at intersections, at the sites of temporary storage of material assets or at possible storage sites of property stolen by intruders.

    To enable these mobile systems, a Wi-Fi network was deployed comprising three permanently installed complexes consisting of a telecommunications cabinet, three access points mounted on lighting poles and installed on the roof of the highest building, and ten additional wireless hot spots installed on different buildings to expand the coverage area.

    30 workshops were equipped with fixed video surveillance cameras.


  • The ICL Services completed the end-to-end cycle of system integration for the customer, from on-site inspection and the elaboration of the project support documents to the purchase of equipment, its installation, start-up and adjustment, staff training, projects commissioning, and subsequent system maintenance and support.
  • The customer obtained a comprehensive safeguarding system covering all the critical points of the facility, an integrated security system, and a centralized monitoring system. Video surveillance, access control and security systems are integrated into a single network and can be managed in a centralized way from a single control station.
  • Within the framework of the project, ICL Services specialists installed and configured more than 20 servers and 250 video surveillance cameras. They were integrated in the entire system of devices supported by our specialists, comprising more than 200 servers, 3000 security cameras, and 4000 detectors and actuators forming part of the customer’s IT-infrastructure.
  • As a result, ICL Services helped the customer automate the entry and exit of vehicles at the weigh stations and provide the security service with a centralized and convenient tool for rapid incident response. All these measures helped the customer improve the security level of the facility and optimize the security service staff.

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