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  • 1 - 2 minutes response time of the security service to an incident
  • 100% compliance with the regulatory requirements of the Russian Federation
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This service is for you if:
  • It is necessary to equip new or reconstructed objects with security systems;
  • Existing systems do not meet your requirements for reliability, convenience, and cost of maintenance;
  • There is a need to control access to the facility, record employees ' working hours, and arrange paid Parking.
The service enables prediction and timely detection and elimination of security threats to personnel and resources of the facility by way of installing special technical means. It also allows controlling access to the facility on the part of employees, visitors and vehicles. Tracking of hours worked by employees. 

The service includes the following systems: 

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems for monitoring of technological processes and video surveillance. These systems allow to observe the current situation, timely prevent the occurrence of accidents and take the necessary and effective measures in case of emergency. 

Intrusion alarm (IA) for perimeter control, protection of premises, buildings from intruders. Such means and systems are designed to identify the trespasser at the guarded facility and timely inform the security for their prompt detention. The offer includes:
  • Perimetral IA (security detectors, controllers, system servers, dispatcher workstations);
  • Premises IA (security detectors, controllers, system servers, dispatcher workstations). 
Access control service (ACS) – Entry point ACS (access of people and vehicles), ACS of parking lots, ACS of premises and buildings. ACS systems are designed to control access to the facility, protect against intrusions, regulate the flow of people and vehicles, maintain an archive of data on access of employees to the facility and their actions. Identification methods:
  • access cards (Proximity, touch memory); 
  • biometric parameters; 
  • radio-tags (RFID tags);
  • vehicle number (recognition by means of video surveillance system).
Countering terrorist attacks — engineering structures, security check tools, analysis tools. These means are aimed at preventing of threats presented by terrorists and can enhance the reliability and security of various facilities. The offer includes: 

Engineering structures:
  • Anti-digging and anti-climbing nets
  • Barbed wire
  • Anti-ram barriers 
Security check tools:
  • Archway metal detectors
  • Handheld metal detectors
  • X-ray inspection systems
Analysis tools:
  • Explosive vapor detectors
  • Radiation control devices
Key stages in the service provision:
  1. Works:

    • Stage 0. Data collection: clarification of customer needs; compilation of a budget estimate.
    • Stage 1. Design and survey: receipt (development) of technical specifications; facility inspection; system design; compilation of estimates;coordination with supervisory authorities (if necessary).
    • Stage 2. Construction and installation: development of the work production plan; obtaining the necessary permits and facility clearances; purchase of equipment and materials; assembling cable lines; conducting the necessary tests of cable lines; installation and connection of equipment.
    • Stage 3. Pre-commissioning: development of a pre-commissioning program; adjustment, configuration of certain types of equipment; software configuration.
    • Stage 4. Testing: individual tests; comprehensive tests.
    • Stage 5. System commissioning: briefing for the Customer’s personnel; preliminary commissioning; full-scale industrial commissioning.

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System Integration Expert

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