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2 August 2023


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Softline and ICL Services sign a strategic partnership agreement

A new strategic partnership has been announced by Softline Group, a prominent provider of digital transformation and information security solutions and services, and ICL Services, supplier of IT services and innovative products. This corporate alliance will offer joint technical support services for both international and domestic solutions.

The agreement covers collaborative efforts in the Russian market, with the primary areas of cooperation being:

—  offering proactive and reactive support for solutions from Western vendors who have exited the Russian market;

 implementing projects related to the
migration, deployment, and integration of domestic systems; • providing technical support for Russian software.

By doing the above, the company alliance addresses all of its clients' service needs: from extending the lifespan of software previously purchased from Western vendors to replacing imported products and ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of domestic solutions. For this purpose, the partners use their greatest strengths: ICL's expert team provides service and integration elements, while Softline is in charge of vendor expertise, marketing initiatives, and investments.

Joint projects are carried out under Softline Premier Services — a suite of services designed to enhance IT infrastructure maturity and reduce risks, including during the transition to other solutions. Additionally, the partnership manifests through Softline Enterprise Agreement: a corporate agreement grounded in Russian technologies and products.

The companies have devised a three-year plan for their shared development, which anticipates a significant increase in joint project volumes, collaborative marketing efforts, and substantial investments from both parties. The parties have already assembled professional team with the necessary experience and skills.

"The synergy of our teams allows us to offer a service that has no counterparts in the Russian market. With this service, our clients' previous investments in foreign software can be preserved rather than lost forever, as we extend the lifespan of already acquired solutions. This balanced approach helps clients to transition to alternative solutions gradually and at their own pace, without the stress of an immediate switch. We strive to make the migration process as straightforward, clear, and seamless as possible, with a focus on the end user's convenience. Finally, our technical support for domestic products follows a clear and thorough methodology that maximizes the efficiency of building our joint service," remarks Ruslan Vagizov, Director of ICL Services.

"ICL Services is a robust partner, thanks to its extensive experience in delivering services for the international stage, its mature service provision methodology, and its ability to handle projects of varying complexity. Our partnership allows clients to leverage the expertise of both parties through a one-stop-shop service, ensuring not only high quality but also ease of interaction with the companies.

Moving forward, we aim to intensify our joint support for Russian software from vendors such as Astra Group, BaseALT, Postgres Professional, P7, CommuniGate Systems, MyOffice, TrueConf, VK, Yandex, and RED SOFT. This approach will assist vendors in reducing the burden on support teams, instead focusing on developing and upgrading their software. On top of that, it will also boost user trust in Russian software, as customers can rest assured that any potential issues and incidents will be promptly resolved," notes Andrei Blagorazumov, Vice President of Softline Group.

The collaboration between the companies already spans over 15 years. They previously negotiated another strategic partnership in 2020, which was aimed at jointly developing services for international market customers.


About Softline

Softline Group is a leading provider of solutions and services in the field of digital transformation and information security. Softline is headquartered in Moscow. Softline Group facilitates, simplifies, and accelerates its clients' digital transformation by connecting approximately 100,000 organizations from all sectors with over 5,000 top-tier IT vendors, while also offering its own services and solutions.

Softline Group currently ranks among the fastest-growing conglomerates in the sector. In 2022, its turnover reached RUB 70,690 mn. Softline Group is operating under a tri-fold growth strategy, focusing on the expansion of its in-house production, solutions portfolio, and sales channels. The company's 4,800 employees are spread across over 25 offices throughout Russia, including a team of 1,600 engineers and developers.


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