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7 August 2017


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Signum And ICL Services Have Entered Into A Partner Agreement

Signum and ICL Services have signed a partner agreement. Signum is a developer of solutions for industrial Internet of Things (IoT), and ICL Services offers IT services. The Agreement provides for the implementation of joint projects in the field of IoT in Russia and abroad.

Goals and objectives of industrial IoT (IIoT) differ from those of the consumer IoT. IIoT solutions have higher requirements for a guaranteed business effect and lower implementation risks. The portfolio of ready-to-use Winnum-based solutions covers only a fraction of of possible IIoT use cases. Today Signum offers IIoT solutions that can be conditionally divided into two groups: smart manufacturing and smart products.

In the future, ideas for new solutions in the IIoT market will be provided by integrators who should have extensive experience in solving applied business tasks using IIoT. The partnership agreement between Signum and ICL Services is a confirmation of the feasibility of this strategy.

"It is no secret that the market of Industrial Internet of Things is being transformed. This is largely due to the fact that more and more businesses are beginning to realize what tasks can be accomplished and what goals can be achieved. The right technologies are extremely important; however, if you do not have ideas for implementing specific business cases, you can hardly succeed. ICL Services has both ideas and business cases for the Industrial Internet of Things. We are happy to announce the signing of a partnership agreement with ICL Services and look forward to a mutually beneficial cooperation," said Grigory Chernobyl, CEO, Signum.

 "We are glad that we will be able to start cooperation with Signum and hope for fruitful cooperation and many joint projects. I'm more than confident that Signum's rich industry expertise and the European approach of ICL Services will produce the necessary synergistic effect and allow us to achieve significant results in the market of Industrial Internet of Things in Russia and abroad," commented Ilya Appolonov, Head of IoT Research Group, ICL Services.

About Signum

Signum is a global provider of solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things. The Company's headquarters are located in the Skolkovo Innovation Center in Moscow. Signum offers technologies for remote monitoring, diagnostics, and optimization of products and services with the help of ready-to-use solutions, as well as tools for developing new user applications. The Company's technologies allow its customers to modernize the whole value chain and implement completely new business models, including, for example, the Product-as-a-Service concept.

 About ICL Services

ICL Services is an IT service company within the ICL Group. The Company entered the international market in 2006. To date, ICL Services has more than 1,000 employees, who successfully serve 50+ large customers from 26 countries and provide 24x7 IT services in Russian, English, French, and German. The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) included ICL Services into The Global Outsourcing 100 list.


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