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25 February 2015


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Process Mining technology or how to improve operational efficiency

One of the best tools for business processes objective assessment is Process Mining — the business analysis technology new for the Russian market. Process Mining works with objective data stored in information systems and it allows you to rely on the facts in real time when evaluating a business process. In addition, with a help of this technology you can perform regular assessments and processes effectiveness analysis, as well as visualize their procedure.

Despite the technology advantages and progressiveness, the deterrent for Process Mining in Russia is the low level of awareness of business about this analysis method and also the necessity of large investments in the development of own competence that allows applying this method. There are also technical obstacles, such as weak process automation. A high level of automation is a key factor for Process Mining.

These complexities thwart the technology development in Russia, but ICL Services applies the Process Mining-based analysis method in practice for many years.

«Process Mining is used by us as a tool for instant diagnosis of problems arising in the provision of IT outsourcing services and audit of internal business processes,» says Aigul Eremeeva, Head of Organizational Development Department of ICL Services and an expert in the field of Business Process Management.

As part of this technology, ICL Services has developed a deep analysis and business process visualization service PRO/VISION, which helps to quickly and effectively show how a process actually runs on the basis of facts and objective evidence. The service allows you to multiply the return on investment from the initiatives of the reengineering process by identifying opportunities to improve efficiency.


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