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18 February 2015


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ICL Services completes the workstation migration project to Windows 7

ICL Services completes the workstation migration project for international manufacturer of materials for electronics and energy industries.

We have developed a solution for an automated migration from Windows XP to Windows 7 according to the following customer requirements:

  1. keep user data;
  2. provide compatibility with operated Enterprise Management System — CA ITCM;
  3. ensure the reliability of automation in a heterogeneous environment (XP images prepared for migration have different configurations).

The migration project was launched in 2014. ICL Services experts:

  1. tested the most important for the customer applications for compatibility with the new platform;
  2. according to the customer requirements developed a Windows 7 image and group policies to support Windows 7;
  3. provided an automated migration of user profiles to Windows 7 using Microsoft USMT and automation scripts.

By now the migration process is completed for 30% of workstations and the customer was provided with detailed project documentation. The remained work, according to the terms of the contract, will be performed on the other side.

ICL Services offers a complete solution for migration to new operating systems and associated infrastructure environment. Learn more about our solution at CNews.


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