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27 October 2020


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Most promising IT professions today

Every year, IT is becoming more and more popular among students entering the higher educational institutions in Russia. Competition among the applicants is still more severe, every single point received at the Unified State Exams can be a significant advantage, and participation in the Olympiads increases the chances to be qualified for a state-funded place. And for those who have already crossed the equator in the university, it is time to decide on a speciality and choose the direction for the career.
Today we name the top 7 most promising IT professions which are in demand both at ICL Services and the competing companies and best correspond to the experience of applicants.

1. Project manager

Still new in Russia, but in great demand. Many service companies launch separate Project Management services and divisions, focusing on a systematic approach, creation of business processes, execution control and assessment of project risks. Knowledge of ITIL, PRINCE, PMBOK and well-developed soft skills will help to achieve success in this position.

2. Business analysts and system analysts, Big Data analysts

This profession suits those who are well versed in large amounts of data and can analyze data in various aspects, bringing it together in different systems. They are also expected to offer proposals to improve the efficiency of projects and assess risks.

3. DevOps

These specialists are a link between code writing and system administration. They need to be well versed in hardware, software, server side and all that is related to development. This profession is suitable for those who want to understand everything in detail, to be an expert and to have multidisciplinary functions, being able to understand testers, developers, system administrators, project and product managers, and also make management decisions.

4. Security

Experts involved in infrastructure security, like analysts, system administrators and managers, go under this heading. Every year, more and more government agencies are moving to the Web, transferring a large amount of data. Most organizations are already online. All this requires better protection of information environments and compliance with accepted standards. Experienced developers, administrators and project managers can also become good security specialists.

5. Architect

Topmost specialists in several technical areas, able to design a project, organize the work of engineers and identify desires of customers who have several vendor certificates. They are familiar with ITSM, data management principles and process automation in multi-vendor architectures.

6. Full stack developer

Topmost specialist with many years of development experience, able to manage a team and having solid knowledge of project management.

7. RPA

Robotic process automation is a business process automation technology based on the metaphor software of robots or artificial intelligence. Many companies have thousands of routine tasks every day. Analysts and developers can help to accelerate these operations while minimizing resource costs and increasing productivity.
We tried to highlight professions where students can start their career while studying at the university by participating in internships and gradually become experts by building their skills and knowledge. Good command of English will be a big advantage in all areas, since many manuals are not translated.

Author: Yulia Galieva, senior HR manager at ICL Services

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